hey! i'm a linux sysadmin and programmer, i built tilde.cafe! i created this system to further improve my linux skills, and create something fun in the process.

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if you're here for the todo list, check out my progress below.

todo list

# todo [x] redo everything after migration to a dedi ## web [x] automate ssl renewal [x] gemini - thanks jan6 [x] nginx (ssl, php) [x] signup page [x] user subdomain wildcard ssl [x] user subdomains [x] user web directories [/] design new css - started [/] working wiki [ ] fastcgiwrap [ ] gopher [ ] news - pretty useful, similar to wiki, user markdown [ ] wiki+content ## email [x] autodiscovery - SRV dns records [x] dmarc [x] imap/pop - dovecot [x] sasl - dovecot [x] smtp [x] spf [x] filters - rspamd [ ] per-user sieves ## sys [x] dns - bind9 [x] fail2ban [x] shells - bash, zsh, fish, xonsh, elvish, dash [x] ulimits [/] push everything to git [ ] sane dotfiles? optional? (mutt, irssi, weechat, etc) ## utils/bins [x] build-essential [x] finger [x] haskell [x] neomutt [x] neovim [x] python2 [x] python3 [ ] bashblog [ ] botany [ ] weechat - autoconnect to #cafe@tilde.chat