Welcome to tilde.cafe!


the gemini protocol (http proxy) was created in 2019.

gemini is a new internet protocol which:

the ~/public_gemini directory is not created by default. use mkdir ~/public_gemini to create it, then you can start adding index.gmi etc, it will be served at gemini://tilde.cafe/~username/.

for more information about how you write gemtext, check out the Introduction to Gemtext Markup, there is also a cheatsheet.

to browse gemini content, you will need a client or a web proxy.



make sure you set the correct shebang and make the file executable.

then, print the status and type per the gemini spec: here's a simple example in sh

printf "20 text/gemini\r\n"
printf "hello world\n"

note that the first line must send \r\n

feel free to drop by #gemini on tilde.chat irc if you have questions