Welcome to tilde.cafe!

you can create a blog that is publicly available on the web in your public_html. if you haven't already, check out the wiki page about editting your site first.


bashblog is a simple and quick way to create and manage your blogs, it's available system-wide as bb

you can use it to manage your blog, write posts, etc, from anywhere. and your blog will be generated at ~/public_html/blog/. if you like, you could navigate into it first.

cd ~/public_html

now, you can start writing your first post!

bb post

it opens the editor in your $EDITOR enviroment variable, if you're unsure, set it to nano first: export EDITOR=nano. you can put that line in your ~/.bashrc if you'd like to keep using the selected editor.

after you save and close your editor, follow the instructions and check out your live blog on your homepage!

the process will be the same everytime you're ready to add a new entry. just run bb post from anywhere.


here is the list of static site generators (which can not only be used for blogs but others too) installed on tilde.cafe: