Empower your business with Tilde

Why is Tilde the partner of choice?

Since 2014, we have been helping restaurants and cafes serve the best food possible. For other inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly through this number +632 771 2764. Vanessa will be happy to assist you.

We mind your business

When you are in the business of food, it is easy to get caught up in the ebb and flow of customer demands. What will you do if you have customers asking for dishes that you don’t know how to make? Will you hire chefs and additional personnel? Will you rent additional space for a kitchen? 

At Tilde we are happy to share our expertise with you by taking care of your baked goods (breads, cakes, and cookies) and food (pasta, soups, salads, and hot and cold dishes) requirements.

We take care of your feast

We are happy to be part of your entertaining and hospitality endeavors. If you are planning a party, a meeting, or simply an event where people will eat and drink, we can create a comprehensive menu that will stay true to the spirit of your event. 

In the past, we have had hosts ask us to tour their palates around the world, whip up a Moroccan feast, and put a twist to classic Filipino food. At all of these occasions, we were happy to oblige.

We bring your dessert table to life

A lot of our customers order cakes from us. But what if instead of just cakes, you let us do your entire dessert table? Our approach to crafting a dessert table is thoughtful. We think about your guests and the theme you have in mind. 

There are dishes that will satisfy everyone, including sugar-free options.